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About Us

Although the brand name is one single diminutive word, to describe KLÉ fashion line in it requires many more words. It could be perceived as minimalist yet the details and twists give it a ‘full-bodied feeling. Some people may consider it chic, yet its edginess is palpable. Then there is the sternness of masculine cut, which tempered with the feminine fluidity of the fabrics. KLÉ’s fresh yet bold easy-to-wear designs are intended to appeal to self-assured individual who are non-conformist when it comes to expressing their own personal style. The majority of KLÉ’s designs are filled with a touch of bravery and insouciance.

What distinguishes KLÉ’s designs from others is that she manages to stay true to the consistent incoherency in her collection with each piece embracing a strong concept, immaculate and new ways of cutting, style, sustainability and most importantly, emotions. In essence, however, KLÉ’s trademark is a free-spirited brand with personality and confidence that exudes understated luxury.

Contact Us

Telephone: 0813-1859-3145

KLÉ Workshop.
Jl. Suka Bakti 1 No.2
RT.004/006 KAV.3a-3b
Sawah Baru, Jombang, Ciputat Tangerang Selatan 15413

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